Certain facilities on this website are only available for registered users. It's possible to make use of our forum and you can find free modules and skins which may be usefull on your own website.

You need to register if you want to add subjects to our forum, or download the modules/skins.

Welcome is an initiative of Idas Internet & ICT. We hope this website will be used to share all kinds of information about DotNetNuke.

The group on which we focus is very wide. We don't want to limit this website to be just for developers.

We've got information available for:
  • People who are looking for a Content Management System or people who want to know what this kind of Content Management System can do for them
  • People who want to build their own website in DotNetNuke
  • People who want to know where you can host DotNetNuke
  • Webmasters or contentmanagers who are already using DotNetNuke but want to get in more deep
  • Webmasters or contentmanagers who are already using DotNetNuke and having some troubles
  • Developers who create their own modules
  • Developers who want to get in contact with other developers


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